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How We Help

Using our expertise, knowledge, and resources, we strive to help student athletes make the best decisions for their academic and athletic future, as well as assist coaches, teams, and schools in accomplishing their objectives and goals for their programs. We hope to help by offering education supports such as team tutoring, college guidance, NCAA eligibility process support, and fundraising opportunities. We want to assist coaches in their efforts to build successful winning sports programs and be a partner they can rely on.



No matter the size of your team or club, finding new members and supporters rely on presenting your team well to the outside world. GoodPublic is in the business of connecting media and fundraising objectives and school athletic programs. Our team has developed custom marketing solutions utilizing the various assets available through high school and collegiate athletic programs. Offering a wide range of multimedia platforms we deliver custom marketing solutions for each of our business partners

sponsors have enjoyed a platform through which results can be quantified and sponsors can more effectively measure their return on investment. 

Sports Fans


Description of Services: 

-Branding Solutions 

-Content Creation 

-Develop relationships with local media

-Bi-Weekly Email News Letter 

-Curate Stories for media attention

-Sponsorship & Donation Opportunities

-Develop and Operate a Variety of Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

-Design marketing materials to attract a larger audience

-Give Back to the community and Get Noticed 


What’s Being Said


"Thank you GoodPublic! As a coach, there are so many areas to running a team that take time and sacrifice. GoodPublic Academy provided assistants tutoring our entire team, fundraising, monitoring academics, and providing resources and support for college and NCAA eligibility. With their in depth support and guidance they helped us provide the best opportunities for each one of our student athletes.

Coach Daniel F.
Calabasas High School Football Program