As the challenging world of high school and college athletics evolves, GoodPublic helps families explore and triumph over the recruiting, academic, and college process which best suits the student-athlete

Description of Services

EDivate will work with your student-athlete to manage the academic process and create a tailored plan that is personalized and meets the needs of NCAA and college requirements. 

Services Include: 

• Educate about academic eligibility, recruiting, and athletic programs for NCAA Div I, II, III, and NAIA
• Evaluate your college priorities, academic record, athletic achievements, and major/career interests
• Develop a personalized college plan to help you reach your academic and athletic goals
• Utilize checklists and timelines to stay focused
• Discuss the best approach for creating a highlights video (video production not included)
• Provide tools and education for thoroughly researching colleges and their athletic programs
• Learn the keys to marketing yourself towards college coaches and communicating with them
• Plan extracurricular activities, community service and summer opportunities including camps
• Discuss testing options and a timeline for prep courses, practice tests and SAT/ACT
• Provide advice and proofreading support for college applications
• Prepare for unofficial and official visits as well as interviews


Jyden King
Washington State Commit

"GoodPublic helped me in so many ways. I put my trust in them and they did not disappoint. They helped me do better in school and with my everyday life skills. With there experience in coaching and sports as well, they have prepared me for the NCAA college process by evaluating my high school transcripts, developing a plan, and communicating with my future college coaches to be sure I was prepared in all areas of the process.  Thank you so much GoodPublic Sports."



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Phone: 805-628-2277

Ventura County, California

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